The case for optimism on climate change

I thought I’d share this video I watched a while back, because as usual only the bad news is reported and telling people we’re already fucked as a planet isn’t exactly motivating for some people. If Al Gore can find hope and optimism despite knowing all the hard-to-swollow details, then we can too. We live in a critical time, but it’s not too late. I hope this provides some inspiration and fuel to do what you can in your corner of the world, whether it’s through your career, or just your simple day to day choices.

what is plastic free july and how to do it

Originating in Western Australia, Plastic Free July is now a worldwide initiative where over 2 million people and 159 countries participate. The challenge? To go the whole month of July without single-use plastics. That's no takeaway coffee cups, straws, containers or plastic packaging from the supermarket. They say it takes 30 days to develop a habit and the aim of Plastic Free July is to show how easy it can be — all it takes is a little getting used to before it becomes second nature. 

So how do you do Plastic Free July? Here's a few helpful tips, in order of easiest to hardest to make it a breeze...

  1. Say no to straws — they're kind of superfluous if you think about it. If you really need one, bring a bamboo or metal one with you. 
  2. Say no to cups and bring your own instead — keep it in your car or bag at all times.  
  3. And no to plastic produce bags!! Use mushroom bags for produce at the supermarket. Better yet, take one of these re-usable ones. 
  4. And cling wrap!! Put a plate instead of cling-wrap on top of your food, or store in re-usable glass containers instead.
  5.  When doing groceries, shop at bulk food stores where possible and choose fruit and veg that isn't wrapped in plastic.
  6. Always keep baskets or cotton bags in your car to carry things in. 
  7. Dine in where possible, or bring a stainless lunchbox with you instead! It might feel weird to ask in the beginning, but it'll become normal in time, we promise. 
  8. Bring a re-usable water bottle everywhere you go. Plastic bottles are the worst! 

And that's a wrap kids — we hope it helped! Please comment with any questions and for more inspiration check out more on our Zero Plastic blog.