5 ethical, sustainable (and comfy) underwear brands

While Instagram has its downsides, it’s given ethical designers an amazing platform to be discovered, just as I have with the brands below. Labels like Susu Intimates and Me Undies are not only ethical, but redefining what it means to be comfortable. The rise of the bralette was life changing for me (as I’m sure it was for many women out there), and I’m so glad there’s more brands are emerging that value comfort over underwire and ridiculous padding. Here’s five of those such brands:

Me Undies

I first heard of Me Undies on the Time Ferris Podcast and then on Rich Roll’s podcast and possibly Joe Rogan’s too (I forget). Either way, this brand seemed to be genuinely loved by the three of them and while I admit I haven’t tried the myself, their popularity is there for a reason — they must really be as comfortable as their claims. Me Undies use a carbon neutral process to create their underwear, converting sustainably harvested beechwood pulp into fibres and capturing nasty excess chemicals in the process.

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Hara the Label

Made in Australia, Hara the Label dye their soft comfy intimates with plants. From earthy oranges, to powder blue — their dreamy range is shipped worldwide, with profits from every purchase being donated to the EJFoundation so they can continue save the world with one of their many projects, from protecting our oceans and calling for the end of toxic pesticides.

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Pansy Co

Crafted with organic cotton in California, Pansy Co create a contemporary yet nostalgic range of underwear that are as comfortable as they are pretty. Milled domestically, their underwear is designed and sewn ethically in California a mere 15-minute drive from the founder’s apartment.

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Nude the Label

Offering basic underwear for every day, Nude the Label craft their intimates with comfort and simplicity at the top of mind. Ethically made in Spain, you’ll find their thoughtfully put-together bralettes and underwear in stone fruit and mulberry hues.

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Susu Intimates

While a lot of ethical brands are doing the opaque cotton thing at the moment, Susu Intimates keep it slightly sexier (but still comfy), with their sheer take on a simple black or white bralette.




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