how to journal for creativity and clarity: 3 writing prompts to help you find balance

Writing thoughts to paper is good for many things. It can clarify confusion, inspire, or help us manifest what we want in life. It's been my natural outlet for over 10 years and each time I write is different, but it's always exactly what I need at the time. Whether it's a to-do list, a 5-year plan, or my internal dialogue, I've found it to be a wonderful tool. 


I heard once that a particular Australian aboriginal dialect uses the same word 'Dadirri' for both a tangled fishing line and the mind. They believe the heart and gut are a more accurate system to navigate life with. Writing brings thoughts from the intangible whirling space of the brain, onto physical paper and helps make room for the heart and gut to speak louder. 

Lately, I've found that writing a question at the top of my page can create powerful results. Many people seek tarot readers, therapists and psychics to find clarity these days, but I heard once that all the knowledge and guidance we need is within us and this made a lot of sense to me, seeing as no one knows ourselves as intimately as we do.

I've found that asking the right questions leads to the answers we need. Here are three powerful journal prompts that can help soothe, clarify, or manifest what you want in life. 

Paradise is...


This journal prompt is designed to flex your visualisation muscle. By visualising life as we'd like it, we can connect to the feeling and vibrate at the same level as if it's already happening. This vibration can open up creativity and ideas that you might action towards manifesting these things into your reality. Rather than saying an abstract statement like, what do I want to manifest? I've found that writing "Paradise is..." at the top of the page and letting thoughts free-flow from there, is an easier way to day-dream. The key here is to be as honest with yourself as possible. You might catch yourself hesitating to admit something onto paper, but these are the biggest gems of insight, so make sure you write it down anyway. 

What do I need to hear right now?

This one is a form of self-soothing for those days where you need a bit of comfort, or to know that everything is going to be okay. While a hug and a chat to someone we trust is a great way to feel better, sometimes our loved one's aren't readily available to help us, or maybe they don't understand the situation properly, or know what to say to make you feel better.

Writing "What do I need to hear right now" at the top of the page is a great way to provide yourself with exactly what you need. You might write something like "I need to hear that everything's going to be okay, that I'm exactly where I need to be and that the right thing is coming my way and will arrive at the perfect time." Think about it, whatever you write is just as real and valid as an opinion from your loved one, but instead, you're giving it to yourself exactly as you needed to hear it. Our inbuilt negativity bias in our brains is a protective mechanism that tends itself towards finding all the ways that something might not work out, so asking this question opens up the expansive part of our mind. If you're going through a tough time, it may also help to read this every morning as a way to help you calm negative thoughts.

Evidence that the universe has my back...

This is a bit of an ongoing practice but a powerful one, especially if you're someone that frequently finds yourself dropping into a victim or negative mentality. Keeping a log like this on your phone is a handy way to accumulate feel-good moments that we easily forget. Since our brains are wired to remember the bad things more often than the good things, it's a great way to even the score. You might right down 'evidence' in the form of simple things like "the man in front of me paid for my coffee today," or something like "I've easily managed to score a few job interviews and an amazing house since living in this new city," or whatever it is that you're doing. Life constantly unfolds in incredible ways, introducing us to the perfect people and situations at the right time. What we focus on expands, so the more we acknowledge these little synchronicities in our life, the more the world returns in more of these cosmic encounters, coincidences and perfect timing.