7 amazing eco conscious swimwear labels

Ocean lovers and sustainability should go hand in hand. No one wants to go for a salt water dip and find more plastic than fish in the sea, yet is this (sadly) where we’re heading according to recent reports by Project Mainstream. Aside from plastic packaging lost in ‘leakage’ that finds its merry way into the ocean, the nylon and polyester used by most swimming brands are also is petroleum based.

So how can you help? Say no to packaging and buy ethical brands. Here’s 7 beautiful conscious swimwear brands you'll love:

Ambra Maddalenna Collection

Using recycled ocean plastic to create her entire range, the self-titled West Australian/Italian swimwear sweetheart Ambra Maddalena designs the most romantic bikinis and one pieces you could lay eyes on. Think Lolita circa 1950, meets Sophia Lauren in a Dolce and Gabanna campaign. Check out her current Sorrento Moon campaign here.




Based out of Tulumn, Mexico, Amara believe ethical fashion isn’t optional — it's imperitave. Their simple, luxurious pieces are crafted from regenerated Nylon and designed to mix and match and sometimes reverse to encourage doing less with more. Shop Amara here.




Queens of Athleisure, AllSisters are about bold statement cuts and a crisp black and white palette. Using high quality recycled textiles that are screened for nasty substances, their sharp, sophisticated collection is a timeless investment to your wardrobe and ideal for fitness junkies. 


FAE Swimwear

This is a brand for women that aren’t shy about a cheeky cut, because Fae Swimwear aren't shy about it either. Their one pieces are almost exclusively small on the behind, but their separates range offer more coverage on the bottom to pair with flattering tops in classic colour ways.


Mara Hoffman

A designer of all things from clothing to swimwear, Mara Hoffman offer bold block patterns on classic cuts, amidst more paired-back basics. We particularly love their cute one pieces with bow details, cut-outs and styles to suit all bodies.


Now Then

For ladies that get excited by subtle details like the addition of light mesh, or a delicate spaghetti strap, Now Then’s minimal range is a perfect mix between fashion and function. Their kini tops can be worn as a bralette and their few sporty nylon pieces are great for adventurous types.


Und Swim

Elegant and timeless, Und Swim offer a beautiful range of eco-friendly basics that are designed to flatter and fit like a glove. The specialize in a perfect fit for all bodies and swimwear that’s so comfy you might forget you’re wearing them.