10 luxurious plastic free items for your home

The plastic free movement is gaining momentum with so much social sharing of late, particularly this alarming viral video of a British Diver with a go-pro swimming through a sea of plastic. There's endless bloggers and influencers sharing plastic-free tips, from using jars as storage, to DIY-ing everything and while these are great for the environment, they seem to be void of one thing; luxury.

Let's be clear though, our definition of luxury isn't about needless spending and consumerism, quite the opposite. It’s the kind of thing that your grandma enjoyed back in her day when buying clothing so sturdy they could last a lifetime. We're constantly in search of the most tasteful, ethical and eco-friendly items out there. Funnily enough designers can often be eco-friendly by default, as they tend to favour premium and natural materials like wood and aluminium anyway. Combining form and function, a lot of this stuff doubles as artwork. 

Here’s 10 luxury plastic free staples for your home that your grandma would approve of:


Organic Cotton Bedsheets

Synthetic fabrics contain micro plastics that leak into the ocean with each washing cycle. Using organic cotton bedsheets means the crop weren't grown with harmful pesticides, herbicides and insecticides that also seep into and poison our waterways and irritate the skin. We love these one's by my organic sleep.


Ferm living drupe bottle grinder

Freshly grind spices, salt and pepper with these fancy designer kitchen staples that double as little sculptures. They're made from ashwood and come in six different colours so you can colour coordinate your spices. 


Menu dustpan

As innovative as it is stylish, this little guy has a funnel to easy dispense all that funky dust you sweep up in the house. These one's from menu are pretty lush and they also come in black. 



Double walled stainless water bottle

They're everywhere and they're overpriced, but these one's by The Source Bulk Foods come at a much friendlier price of $29 for their largest size. 


Wooden brushes for the bathroom

Whether it's a hair brush, comb, or dry body brush, there's probably a wooden alternative that does exactly the same job. There's so many brands out there now selling plastic-free brushes. We love these one's by Meraki or this one by Vegan Organics.


Cotton muslin produce bags

There's really no reason to use plastic in the supermarket other than pure forgetfulness. Produce bags are cheap, fold into nothing and can be always kept in your car for the next time you're at the grocer. It's a much nicer experience using these instead of plastic and if you forget yours, don't stress, just grab a few paper mushroom bags to store lose leaves or grains in the meantime. 


Ginko Walnut Cube Alarm Clock

In the age of iPhone alarms, you're probably wondering why this is on here at all. Well, with studies have shown that electromagnetic radiation from your phone isn't all that great, not to mention the temptation of a phone charging near your bedside might keep you up at night — especially with the blue light it emits. Keeping an alarm clock by your bedside removes the excuse of needing an iPhone by your side overnight and we love this stylish one by Ginko.



Ratio Eight Coffee Maker

This sexy pour over coffee maker also comes in a blonde wood trim and is made with aluminium and borosilicate glass which (for coffee enthusiasts) heats water to the ideal extraction temperature. It supposedly produces the kind of pour over your local barista would make for you, all without leaving your place. 

Ratio Eight Coffee Machine by Mark Hellweg.jpg

Ever Eco Rose Gold Straws

Why have silver when you can have rose gold? These one's from Ever Eco come with a straw cleaner so you can sip hygienically, sustainably and in style.  


Seagrass storage baskets

Using baskets for storage is a no-brainer because they're cheap, durable and they look beautiful in almost any space. They can be used for everything from a laundry basket, bathroom storage, to pot plants. We love these by Dos Hombre.