10 zero plastic gift ideas and a guide to sustainable gift wrapping


Gifts don’t have to be wasteful, nor do they have to be thoughtless last-minute purchases. The trick is to not hit the shops until you know exactly what you want, because as we’ve all experienced — shopping without a plan tends to end up in wasted time and frustration. So, here’s some ideas to get you brainstorming:

Pottery for the planet

Pottery for the planet

Sustainable gift ideas:

o   Ceramic keep cups

o   Stainless water bottle

o   Sustainable/plastic free skincare

o   Indoor plants in a handmade ceramic pot

o   Experiences — spa, massage, wine tours, float tanks, light therapy, free diving course, pottery.

o   Make a wellness basket with your favourite tea, epsom salts and body oils

o   Second hand books

o   An accessory from your favourite curated vintage store

o   Jars of preserves, pickles, or dukkha

o   This beautiful metal tea strainer and some amazing quality tea leaves

Gift wrapping:

Most of us will have at least one of these lying around the house, but if not, vintage shops are a great place to find them. Maybe pick up a shirt or an old vintage scarf for a dollar and repurpose into gift wrapping.

Simone le Blanc

Simone le Blanc

o   Recycled paper

o   Newspaper

o   Old button down shirts from the second hand store (you should be able to find them cheaper than wrapping paper)

o   A vintage scarf

o   An old dish cloth

o   Recycled paper (think brown paper bags from your local bulk food grocer)

For wrapping:

A few ideas to help you get creative with your gift wrapping. Using twine is always a winner, but if you’re feeling extra clever, some leather cord or strips of thrifted fabric can look great too.

o   Twine

o   Leather cord

o   Strips of fabric

To make it beautiful:

If your wrapping is looking a little ‘meh’, stroll around the garden and see if you can find some lavendar or any kind of foliage to tuck under the ribbon. Otherwise, palo santo sticks make pretty decorations and they smell amazing when you burn them too.

o  Dried or fresh flowers and plants

o  Palo santo sticks

o A crystal if you have one

Simone le Blanc

Simone le Blanc