the pitfalls of a shampoo bar

For those that saw my review of the Voi shampoo bar, here’s a slightly anticlimactic update:

It straight out ruined my hair.

Even months after I stopped using it, my hair formed waxy dreadlocks at the nape of my neck that took me back to the old days, when mum tackled my knotty pre-schooler locks with a strawberry scented de-tangler spray and a fine tooth comb (agony). Even now, after using nasty deep cleansing shampoo as a short term solution, my hair’s not quite the same. As someone who always had silky hair it feels a lot drier and still more prone to knots.

As you probably gathered, I wouldn’t recommend this solution and truth be told, since my hair is still on the mend, I’ve appointed a couple more plastic bottles of shampoo until I come across a great plastic-free solution. Finding genuinely good alternatives has been my biggest challenge since going plastic free and it’s something I think it’s important to be transparent about, because I don’t want to go recommending things to people that simply don’t work. But as a newly mainstream movement, it’ll take time for better options to become available… and I’ll make sure you know when they do!

If anyone out there has found the perfect solution please comment, I’m all ears!