Review: Voi plastic free shampoo

voi zero waste shampoo.jpg

I’m currently documenting my real-time journey to eventually remove all plastic in my day-to-day life.

Looking for plastic free shampoo alternatives

A friend of mine recently transitioned to using apple cider vinegar and bicarb soda to rinse her hair every week or so. She has plans to eventually rinse her hair only with water. I asked her how she found it and she said “I like beachy hair, so I think it suits me quite well.” I felt her hair and it felt salty, but personally, I prefer silky hair. I tried following in her footsteps, but only lasted a few days, since I didn’t like the texture at all. I was told to persevere, but I struggled and decided to buy a waste free shampoo bar to tide me over.

Plastic free shampoo bar

I was telling a friend about this bar I discovered and she said it reminded her of Morocco, where perfumes and facial cleansers come in aromatic bars, and are sold in bulk. I liked the sound of that. The brand I found is called Voi (pictured). It comes in a tin with a screw cap and smells quite strongly of the many different oils in it. From cacao butter, avocado, argan and hemp seed oil — there’s about 12 oils in it. Plus extracts from kakadu plum, fig and goji berry. All the ingredients are organic.

voi shampoo.png

Washing my hair with it

The soft oily bar lathers and foams into your hands. The oil makes it spread onto the hair easily and it smells pleasant in the shower, but doesn’t smell too strong when it dries.

The results

I expected based on other natural shampoos that I’ve used, that this little guy would dry my hair out and I’d have to just put up with it. I thought that living plastic-free life, meant my days of lovely silky hair were over and I’m glad to say I was wrong. After washing, my hair still feels soft. In the past, I only used conditioner at the ends of my hair because it made my scalp too oily. I found the shampoo bar to conditioned the ends of my hair, without making my roots oily which I was kind of expecting.

The troughs

There's a couple of downsides things I'd improve. Firstly, it’s $20 for a single bar and although I haven't used the whole thing — I have a feeling it won't last as long as a standard bottle of shampoo. For that price, I find this a little disappointing and would be inclined to look into making my own recipe at home. The other trough isn't too bad since it can be easily avoided. If you’re at home I suggest leaving the bar on a soap holder, but if you’re travelling, it sticks to the bottom of the tin and is quite hard to remove. I found myself spending a good minute slamming the tin into my hand to try and get it to come out. 

The peaks

It’s entirely plastic free, and so far leaves my hair feeling silky and nourished. It’s a good size for travel, especially if you only take carry on. You can also use it as a soap bar which is handy. All in all, I’ll continue using this and see how I go.