5 ways your world will change when you go to yoga class

If you’ve been living in the 21st century (provided you haven’t been hiding under a rock), you’ll have probably noticed more people are wearing yoga pants than actual clothes these days. Some of you might roll your eyes and see it as another fad to take with a grain of salt, understandably. Distracting images of impossibly good-looking people in expensive yoga pants doing the splits on Instagram is, of course missing the point. There are many thousands of years behind this thing called Yoga and its benefit are tried and true; just look no further than the many devoted yogis in India living past one hundred. Below are some reasons we think you should get your butt down to a studio, none of which involve body sculpting or appearances.

You’ll Discover Body Awareness

It scares me to think how I got around the place knowing sweet nothing about this four-limbed machine I was running. In the same way that people who drive manuals say they feel more connected to their car, people who do yoga can drive their body better. Even if the most physical exertion you do equates to lifting a box or walking up the stairs, yoga will train you to do these things optimally to avoid injury, by engaging the right muscles and stacking your joints correctly. Not only that, you’ll start noticing the effects certain foods or beverages have on your body, you just won’t be able to help it. Next minute your posture is amazing, you discovered you have a core and life is coming up roses.

You’ll Feel Much Better Than Before

You will probably begin to develop two personalities; the Zen-master ‘you’ that did yoga today and the slightly more Godzilla version of ‘you’ that skipped it. Jokes aside, yoga doesn’t end when you get off the mat, it follows you everywhere you go, making you kinder to the guy who stole your parking spot, reminding you to breathe when you’re stressed and helping you to locate that peaceful feeling you’ve started to cultivate more and more when you’re in your yoga class. Yoga is the most comprehensive tool for living there is; incorporating body conditioning, meditation, breathing exercises and basically everything you ever need, bundled into a mere hour and a half of your day.

Home is Where the Yoga Is

You can travel the globe or be without a home, but still unroll your yoga mat, stare between your shins in downward dog and find home. Like navigating a new city; after breaking through the initial weirdness (and sometimes confusion) of putting your body in all these unfamiliar shapes, they will eventually become familiar to you, just like street names stick in your mind like old friends. Each pose will provide something for you; a hip release, core strength, balance – all of which correlate to a release in the mind, strengthening the mind and creating a more stable and balanced mind. Each pose will start to feel like home, a place to come back to, so you can draw from it what you need on any given day.

You’ll Ditch the Past and The Future for a New Lover

A buzz word that people on Oprah love to use, mindfulness is the new jam. Yoga provides a daily practice so that you can train your mindfulness muscles in the brain, so you get better and better at tapping into the present moment – that’s where the party’s at. It’ll help you concentrate, think less about your problems and feel alive, instead of going through your day on autopilot or getting from A to B without remembering how you got there. The past was so yesterday and the future hasn’t happened yet so who needs them anyway?

You’ll Find Measurable Progress

Some of us need to get fit and others need to stretch out. Whatever your goals are, each yoga pose is a progression to another more difficult pose and the possibilities are endless. Yoga provides an outlet to suit a beginner in their 80’s in need of a gentle practice, to a gymnast in their 20’s that wants a physical challenge. The best part is, the strength and flexibility you acquire is visible, whether that’s getting further to the floor in a hip stretch or kicking up into a forearm stand. 

Places we recommend to get started:


Located at the heart center of the Perth CBD, the Yoga Vine has something tailored to suit everyone from core power lovers, to those in need of a little roll and release. Pop in on for a 45-minute lunchtime express, very cleverly tailored to those with a crazy schedule in need of some balance and rejuvenation.



Going beyond movement, Mind Body Heart studio combines the addition of cooking classes to their Yoga and Pilates program, providing comprehensive holistic support in the tranquil streets of Wembley. The beautifully designed studio is host to a wide range of events from sound healing, to wellness rituals and Pilates by candlelight.



International facilitators of famous yoga names like Sean Corn and Janet Stone, Yogaworx not only provides brilliant classes, but a platform for yoga gurus to return to Perth year after year, providing world class workshops that help expand and enlighten Perth’s wider yoga community. Home to some of Perth’s best teachers, Yogaworx attracts a devoted and nurturing community of all levels - though you best get in early as their classes fill up quick! For class updates and daily soul-filled inspiration, you can follow them at ‘Yogaworx’ on Instagram or Facebook.