Slow Living and Curing Burnout \\ Interview With Simone Nabholz of Winterwares

It feels like burnout is as good as the common cold nowadays, maybe because of the busy lifestyles we all lead. It's not pretty when you're in it, but a happy resolution seems to be that after a period of burn-out, our lives change — because we have no choice but to. 

One life-affirming example of this is the lovely Simone Nabholz, creator of the Australian based ceramic company Winterwares. I met Sim at her studio the newly opened Stackwood in Fremantle not long ago and she offered me a job helping her make ceramics. Every time I've gone in to work at the studio since then, I leave feeling completely relaxed. There's something so calming about just being there — it's definitely not your average workspace.

You wouldn't know it by looking at her perfectly curated ceramics, flourishing business and beautiful studio, but Simone took her very first ceramics class in March last year. Suggested by her mother-in-law as a way to meditate and relax, she found solace from her job-induced burnout in the calming and slow-paced environment of her ceramics class. 

A little while later, she began hand-building clay on the kitchen bench and packing her creations in a box to take to a kiln for firing. The process of making objects with clay became a gateway to a lifestyle that Simone knew she needed; a much slower one. The phrase 'slow living' is fairly new and describes what was once a natural and intuitive part of life — these days its become one of the most relevant and valuable practices we could adopt to help bring us back to a sustainable pace of life. 

A slower approach to life lifted Simone out of her 'dark tea time with the soul' and formed the basis of her new lifestyle and business; Winterwares. From working 9-5 as a graphic designer to moulding clay in her beautiful, calming studio, Simone now chooses every facet of her life, from the hours she works, her surroundings and her clients. Everyday, she takes time to practice small rituals, like sitting down to a proper lunch and decorating her studio with fresh flowers each morning as a reminder to slow down the pace. 

To share the benefits of her calming, light-filled studio and the healing effects of working with clay, Simone offers the opportunity for you to 'Nominate a Friend for a Day of Mindful Making.' Offering a free space in her workshop to someone who might be 'running on empty' and in need of some time to relax in the beautiful rejuvenating oasis Simone has created. Sim sells her Winterwares online or from her studio at Stackwood, you can find her Instagram here and more info about workshops and her contact details here.